h# - Programming language for robust, resilient and responsive Organizations


h# - this is the programming language for agile, dynamic and responsive companies. It consists of individual building blocks, which have their starting point in questions, challenges and (directional) decisions within hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH. hhpberlin is the real laboratory for h#.

h# describes the totality of individual building blocks which together form the framework for an agile, dynamic-microbuste and responsive organisational structure. The individual h# building blocks are subdivided into categories such as cognitive framework, principles, attitude, practical application tools, metaphors, quality parameters, tools for changing framework conditions.

"Organization is often said to be an operating system. But I say that we need a programming language, after all we want to influence a program. We don't want a monolith, an unchangeable operating system, we need adaptable systems. That way we can ensure continuous, permanent change, permanent evolution." - Stefan Truthän 

Learning Journey


The fire protection of the future is fire protection with foresight. Only when data turns into information can risks be identified, communicated and minimised at an early stage. New technologies can only develop their full potential if people and organizations make it possible. 

We at hhpberlin believe we have found a way to make organizations fit for the digital future.

Intelligent fire protection requires regular exchange and training. If you want to keep up with the fast moving industry, you need a sustainable knowledge transfer, even beyond fire protection topics. We do this through hhpberlinU, our knowledgeversity. At our Berlin location we organize learning journeys. We invite interested companies to join us. We grant deep insights on our backstage and enable others to profit from our experiences.

Another important part of the learning journeys is the exchange. So we are also happy about your stories. We welcome you in any number and take you on an exciting journey through hhpberlin in our Berlin headquarters.

We prefer the check-in so that we can start right after your arrival. On the page organism.hppberlin you will find extensive material: texts, pictures and videos by and with innovator Stefan Truthän. There you can find all information about our programming language h#, which we use to design our organization.

Before you come to us, it is best to read up on something. We will then start directly and much deeper into the subject matter and thus enable you to ask critical questions and have an intensive exchange of ideas.

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The LC that deals with a specific issue is called Hackathon. What actually is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is actually a collaborative software and hardware development event. Alternative names are „Hack Day“, „Hackfest“ and „codefest“.  But why not hack your own organization and write your own applications using the h# programming language!


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